Establish Your Condominium Regime the Right Way

Find legal guidance for condominium development in Austin, TX

When it comes to condominium development in the Austin, TX area, you should always consult with an attorney before creating a condominium regime. Houdyshell + Partners, LLC have successfully formed hundreds of condominium regimes, including duplex conversions and new construction. We've also formed hundreds of condominium owners' associations as nonprofit corporations, as required by the Texas Condominium Act.

In drafting a Declaration of Condominium Regime, Houdyshell + Partners, LLC will not only include matters required by the Texas Condominium Act, but also account for the constantly shifting requirements of mortgage lenders who provide condo development financing.

Understand the unique legal challenges in creating a condominium regime

Condominium development involves challenges that are unique to horizontal properties. For instance, although each property owner owns the space within their unit...

  • All property owners own the exterior surfaces in common
  • A group of condo owners may own a shared common area
  • All owners may own the land and other amenities
Learn how all of these considerations can affect condo development financing in the Austin, TX area when you call Houdyshell + Partners, LLC.

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