Lay a Strong Foundation for Your Business

Work closely with a business attorney in Austin, TX

If you're searching for legal guidance during your business formation in the Austin, TX area, Houdyshell + Partners, LLC can provide step-by-step assistance. When forming each new entity, we work closely with our clients to ensure that the form of entity chosen aligns with their business's purpose, needs and requirements. Each business is unique, and so are our services.

Every business formation must also take into account...

  • Required bylaws
  • Company agreements
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Buy/sale agreements
  • First refusal agreements
  • Noncompetition agreements
Discuss your new company with a business attorney in Austin, TX today.

We work with all business types

Over many years of practice, Houdyshell + Partners, LLC has handled the business formation for countless...

  • For-profit corporations
  • Nonprofit corporations
  • Limited liability companies
  • Limited liability partnerships
  • General partnerships
  • Limited partnerships
  • Joint ventures
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